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Thank you Bristol!

On a baking hot summers day , in an old fashion pub on Old Market Dr.Sketchy’s Bristol was born! With people cueing at the door and tickets selling fast this show was set to be a sell out and Bristol did not let us down!   



'Playing her bongo's' thank you Ashley Boddy- Model Didi Curv'e

We promised this would be a unique life drawing class and people were not disappointed. With stunning burlesque performance’s from Poppy Raine and Didi Curv’e ‘that lady who really know’s how to play her bongo’s’ our three hour class kept our sketchers on the edge of they’re seats.

The show kicked off with Bristol’s very own ‘Stoke Croft’s Siren’ Ally Katte in her  renaissance inspired costume accompanied by obscure 60’s garage and b-movie mania music thanks to David Hammonds dj skills.


Line Drawing by Laura Elliot. Model-Ally Katte

As everyone got stuck into the class host Ms Lou-Leigh Blue made sure everyone was comfortable and filled in the gap’s with her dry humour to entertain the class. 

The audience we’re in awe of the stunning costumes and elegant poses. With a fantastic silk fan dance and one rather skilled bongo playing session, even the compaire and Dj couldn’t resit and got they’re sketch books out


Water colours by Norman Barnes. Model- Poppy Raine

The art works produced in this session we’re of such high quality and variety and we truly cannot wait for all out guests to send in they’re images so we can share them on our website!

We would like to thank everyone who came to the first ever Dr.Sketchy’s Bristol and made it such a huge susses, we are already planning our September session and looking at some fabulous performers to entertain you and dazzle you with sequins and skin.

Keep an eye out for further information 

Dr.Sketchy’s Bristol 29th September

*A special thank you to Alex Normansell, Screaming Keating, Laura Davidson, David Hammonds, Peter Tecks, Didi, Poppy, Ally and Tracey Watkins 

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